Electronic platform balance

Electronic platform balance


Electronic platform balance that is a widely used in industrial, warehousing, cargo terminals and other industry measurement scales, weighing platform and instrumentation can be divided into two parts.


Charge / plug-in dual,  TARE and pre-TARE function, accurate, stable, composite scales, subtitle LCD type (character height 2.5cm), read  clearly.

Main Technical Parameter:

Maximum weighing

30Kg, 60Kg, 150Kg, 300Kg, 600Kg,1000Kg

Minimum scale

1g / 10g, 2g / 20g, 5g / 50g, 10g / 100g, 20g / 200g, 50g / 500g

Main material

steel scale body, stainless steel mask, ABS plastic weighing display case, stainless steel column, the load cell

Weighing accuracy


Display unit

It can be placed on the front or side of the weighing platform, single-sided display. Also you can use as a desktop display

Display LCD

LCD and LED digital display

Power supply voltage

AC 220V ¡À 10%, 50 / 60Hz


Maximum weighing can be set, with a weight, count and pricing function. Upper limit setting function, unit conversion function, and it has the power, cumulative, peeled, low voltage alarm function


300 ¡Á 400, 400 ¡Á 500,  420 ¡Á 520, 450 ¡Á 600, 500 ¡Á 600, 600 ¡Á 600, 500 ¡Á  700, 600 ¡Á 800, 800 ¡Á 800, 800 ¡Á 1000, 1000 ¡Á 1000

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