Washing machine for vials / ampole

Washing machine for vials / ampole


Ultrasonic washing machine is high automation, suit for 1-20ml ampoule, 2-100ml vials, ampole, liquid bottles, etc.


Mainly complete the ultrasonic rough cleaning, screw sub-bottle, hand-chucking bottles, recycled water, pure water, injection water, clean air alternately flushing, dial the bottle feeding tunnel entrance flood boxes and other functions.


Bottle by mesh belt will reduce labour intensity

Manipulator folder take bottles, specifications Compatibility larger bottles

More inclined holes can be injected rotary tapered needle water, wash no dead ends

Optimally design, intermittent water, save water

Flushing water press and gas pressure has alarm, automatic control functions

M-WM300 type vertical ultrasonic washing machine main technical parameters:

1. Working head count: 60-100

2. Power: 4Kw

3. Water consumption: 0.8 m³ / h

4. Air consumption: 60 m³ / h

5. Pass rate: ¡Ý99.9%

6. Weight: 2400 Kg

7. Maximum dimensions: length 2700 ¡Á width 2510 ¡Á height 1300 mm

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