Tunnel machine

Tunnel machine


This machine is mainly used for drying sterilization 2-50ml vials / oral liquid bottles depyrogenation, to be completed preheating, high-temperature sterilization and cooling functions.


1. using a chain-type mesh belt structure, stable operation, no deviation

2. use the air flow control system automatically adjusts the balance to make up for outside interference

3. use the cooling cycle air cooler in the cooling zone, ensure the outlet temperature í▄25 bottle íŠ

4. air circulation is not required to exhaust to outdoor, replace absorb heat and moisture, do not destroy the room purification system

5. efficient automatic compensation compression device, convenient and efficient disassembly

M-TM600 type main technical parameters:

1. Conveyor belt effective width: 620mm

2. Maximum sterilization temperature: 350 íŠ (adjustable)

3. Capacity: 76Kw wherein the electrical heating: 64 Kw

4. Maximum dimensions: length 5500 í┴ width 1800 í┴ height 2300mm

5. Weight: 4000Kg

6. Cooling water consumption: 3 ~ T / h (water temperature less than 8 íŠ)

7. When the water temperature is less than 8 íŠ, outlet bottle temperature í▄25 íŠ.

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