Vial filling machine

Vial filling machine


This machine is mainly used for 2-50ml vials of liquid dispensing and tamponade, to be completed bottle, send bottle, quantitative filling, processing plug, send stopper, stopper processes, with no bottle no filling, filling stopper counting and other functions.


1. Big revolving tray for completed bottle, large reserves, inverted bottle is not easy

2. V-block positioning filling, it can be applied 2 ~ 30ml bottles, do not replace the module

3. Metal rotary valve injection pump filling, high filling precision, high stability

4. The servo motor, a roundtrip insert filling little vibration, no drip, ensure filling accuracy

5. Using the rotary stopper, stopper success rate

6. Face is higher operating table 250mm, protect the operation plane laminar effectively

M-VFM400 type main technical parameters:

1. Stable production capacity: more than 18,000 bottles / hour (in 7ml vials computing)

2. Gasser head count: 24

3. Filling heads: 10

4. Filling blunder: ¡Ü ¡À 1% (with a standard liquid filling 1ml)

5. Gasser success rate:  ¡Ý99.9%

6. Total power: 380V / 50Hz / 4Kw

7. Weight: 2500Kg

8. Maximum dimensions: length 4400 ¡Á width 2300 ¡Á height 1900 mm

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